Checkpoint #1

  1. / Write this in the editor below: <h1>Nomzamo Mbatha</h1>

Checkpoint #2

  1. / Write "Hi! I'm Nomzamo Mbatha, an actress. Say hello!" between an opening and a closing paragraph tag

Checkpoint #3

  1. / At the bottom, write <input type="email">

Checkpoint #4

  1. / Make another input with type="submit"

Checkpoint #5

  1. / Add placeholder="Your email" to the email input. (If you need a hint, look at the previous slide)


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<h1>I’m a main heading</h1>
<h2>I’m a subheading</h2>
<h6>I’m the smallest</h6>
email input
<input type="email" placeholder="Your email">
submit input
<input type="submit">
<p>I am a cool paragraph, full of text</p>

Slide: 12

<h1>Nomzamo Mbatha</h1>

Slide: 14

<p>Hi! I'm Nomzamo Mbatha, an actress. Say hello!</p>

Slide: 19

<input type="email">

Slide: 23

<input type="submit" >

Slide: 27

placeholder="Your email"
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